What changes are being made due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

DUE TO COVID-19 THERE WILL NO LONGER BE ANY RESTRICTIONS ON VIDEO LENGTH OR WHEN IT WAS FILMED. This is to reduce pressure on the entrants and to keep everyone as safe as possible, whilst still keeping the competition running.

Can I enter if I am not from Bristol?

The first month of the video entries is only open to those who live in or learn or teach pole in a Bristol based home or studio. The remaining spaces are then opened up to those who live outside Bristol. See rules and regulations for specific dates.

How do I enter and how much does it cost?

It costs £25 to enter. This fee is non-refundable. To enter should go to the registration form on this website. When you register and pay you will be given login details for you to overview your online registration where you will be able to upload your video audition.

How do I know which category to enter?

Please see the home page for a break down of each category. This information will help you choose the right category for you.

You must enter the category that is suitable for your level. If you are known to be entering a category lower than your level you will be moved to the category best suited to you. This is to keep it fair to all competitors so please do check! 

​Do I have to use the same performance in my video as the final?

No, the video audition can be completely different from the one performed at the final, if you are successful.​

Can I send in a previously filmed video for the video round?

Please see rules and regulations for details on this topic.

Do I need to wear a costume?

Not for the video round. You will not be marked on theme or costume, this is to make it easier for people to enter – especially those who can’t afford a costume.

But… If you are successful in gaining entry to the final you will be marked on overall performance in your final piece, which includes your costumes and how well they go with your theme and/or music.

What if I can’t use YouTube/Vimeo?

​If you can’t use YouTube/Vimeo for a particular reason, please contact us on or ring either number on the ‘contact us’ tab and we will see what options we have for you. Please note that having the video uploaded on-line makes it easiest for us to send to our judges so please try everything before contacting us about this. 

Is there a specified time to use static and spinning pole for my routine?

No, you don’t have a specified time limit. The judges will just be looking for a ‘well-rounded’ routine. So try to use the static pole, spinning pole as equally as possible and have floor work.

Will I receive feedback from my performance?

​Yes, you will be sent feedback after your video entry has been judged. Anyone who gets through to the final will receive their feedback on the night or it will be emailed to you.

What poles will be used at the final?

Two 45mm fixed X-Poles will be professionally rigged. Stage left will be spinning and stage right will be static.