Category Rules

IMPORTANT. DUE TO COVID-19 THERE WILL NO LONGER BE ANY RESTRICTIONS ON VIDEO LENGTH OR WHEN IT WAS FILMED. This is to reduce pressure on the entrants and to keep everyone as safe as possible, whilst still keeping the competition running.

Maximum song length video entry: 3 minutes.

Maximum song length live final: 3.5 minutes

  • 1st Feb 2020 is only open to those who live in or learn or teach pole in the BS postal area. The remaining spaces are then opened up to those who live outside Bristol on the 1st March 2020.​​
  • Video audition links must be sent in by Midnight on the 30th April 2020 at the latest.
  • Please make sure that your video is either ‘unlisted’ or ‘public’. If your video is private, we will be unable to judge your video.
  • No amateur video entries may be entered if filmed more than 6 months before the video entry opening time. i.e before 1st August 2019
  • You must never have competed in a Semi-Pro or Pro category to enter an amateur category.


Your video entry will be judged on the following criteria. Please note this criteria will be followed for the live final.

  • Technical difficulty (according to your category)
  • Execution
  • Performance
  • Musicality
  • Fluidity

Please note that costume and theme are not judged in the video round, but it is judged in the final. Please see full criteria breakdown here.


Costumes that are loose or do not provide proper coverage are not permitted such as bikinis and costumes only held together by string (secure straps are allowed). 

Costumes should provide a ‘family friendly’ amount of coverage and must be tested for malfunctions, you will lose marks or risk disqualification if this occurs. 

Heels must ankle height maximum, height of the actual heel is not restricted.

If you are unsure, then feel free to send us a picture of you in your costume before you film.

Restricted/Permitted Tricks:


  • Basic dead lift and aerial inverts are permitted.
  • Basic recliner tucked inverts are permitted.


  • Hands only climbs or inverted climbs are restricted. Permitted climbs include forearm/performance climbs and side climbing.


  • Inverts from basic spins are permitted on both static and spinning pole e.g Back Hook to Invert or Flare to Invert.
  • Advanced spins to an inverted position are restricted e.g Phoenix.
  • Flares and Cartwheels are permitted.


  • Drops, there must be no attempt to lose contact with the pole and re-catch. Leg combinations that are controlled with the use of hands are permitted e.g. controlled Holly Drop.
  • Armpit grips such as Teddy and Rocketman are permitted. Yogini is restricted.
  • One handed handstands or forearm stands using the pole are restricted. Headstands and handstands are permitted.
  • Brass Monkey from Cross Ankle is allowed. No other moves from Brass Monkey are permitted, only a safe step down/dismount.
  •  Moves that require an advanced level of a particular grip are all restricted. Here are some examples: Dangerous Brain, Q, Humming Bird, Knee Holds (Closed or Open), Double Knees
  • No flips are permitted in this category.


  • Extreme flexibility moves are restricted. e.g. Spatchcock, Cocoon, Extreme Scorpio, Extended Allegra, Extended Jade Splits, Oona Splits.
  • Permitted flexibility moves include: Basic ballerina, basic Allegra, Jade.
  • Flexibility moves on the floor are permitted, you will not be at a marked down for being a high level at another skill.


  • Planches or arms only dead lifts in any grip are restricted.
  • Shoulder Dismount is permitted to Crucifix or Gemini climb over is permitted,
  • Shoulder Mount tuck to Crucifix or Gemini climb over is permitted.
  • No other moves from Shoulder Mount/dismounts are permitted.
  • Aerial Shoulder Mounts are restricted.
  • Inverted arms only holds are restricted e.g. Straight Edge, Ayesha, Prayer Legs or Iron X.
  • Inverted elbow holds are restricted e.g. Elbow Grip Archer.
  • Basic tucked Iguana lifts and dismounts are permitted.