Judging Criteria

Technical Difficulty & Execution

This dependent on level.

Are the tricks & spins displayed suitable for the level?

Does the performer show control and perform tricks and spins effortlessly?

Does the performer maintain good lines and angle of moves?

Are there a variety of moves displayed rather than repetition?

Does the performer maintain stamina and control throughout their routine?

Does the performer execute their moves safely?

Performance & Musicality

Has the performer interpreted the music well?

Does the choreography reflect the rise and fall of the music?

Does the performer utilise the climax of the music?

Does the performer maintain suitable eye contact with the audience?

Do the facial expressions of the performer reflect the music choice?

Dance & Fluidity

Does the performer link tricks and spins together rather than executing them individually?

Do the moves and choreography link together well with minimal hesitation?

Do they use a balanced mix of static and spinny pole and floorwork/dance?

Theme & Costume

Does the costume match the music choice even without an obvious theme?

If there is a theme, is it enhanced by the costume and music choice?

If there is a theme, has it been made evident?

Each criteria is scored out of ten. The judges will be looking for a well rounded routine which has been performed neatly. Any questions about the judging criteria please email bristolpolechampionships@hotmail.com.