Judging Criteria

Each criterion is marked out of 10, a percentage will be established by an independent adjudicator to asses the highest scoring competitor. There are 5 judges for both the video and the final round, once the scores are in, the highest and the lowest mark will be deducted to remove any positive or negative bias. Please note the differences between the video round and the final criteria.

Technical Ability

30% for the video round, 25% for the final

  • This is dependent on level.
  • Are the tricks & spins displayed suitable for the level?
  • Does the performer show control and perform tricks and spins smoothly?
  • Are there a variety of moves displayed rather than repetition?


30% for the video round, 25% for the final

  • Does the performer maintain good lines and angle of moves?
  • Does the performer maintain stamina and control throughout their routine?
  • Does the performer execute their moves safely?

Performance 15%

  • Does the performer maintain suitable eye contact with the camera/audience?
  • Does the performer look comfortable performing and use a variety of expressions?

Musicality 10%

  • Has the performer interpreted the music well, even if uniquely?
  • Does the choreography reflect the rise and fall of the music?
  • Does the performer utilise the climax of the music?

Fluidity 10%

  • Does the performer link tricks and spins together rather than executing them individually?
  • Do the moves and choreography link together well with minimal hesitation?

Costume & Theme 10%

*not judged in the video round*

  • Has the performer used a noticeable costume?
  • Has the performer used a theme?
  • Does the costume go with their music choice and/or theme?
  • Have they portrayed this theme well using their facial expressions and movement?
  • Did they drop out of character or were they able to keep it throughout?

Well-Rounded 5%

  • Do they use a mix of static pole, spinny pole and floorwork/dance?
  • Is each element relatively equal?
  • Did they bias one element more than the others?