Returners Clause

New to 2020!

The returners clause states that if your pole training has been effected for 2 years or more then you may enter the category that is suitable for you at this time. Anyone using this clause must email to explain their case and have the go ahead to enter a different category.

Reason may include

  • Medical issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Pregnancy
  • Circumstances causing inability to train

Changing from instructor to amateur

In specific circumstances we may consider allowing past instructors to drop down to amateur level. Change of pole career, for example quitting teaching pole dance, may qualify you to drop to the amateur categories. We will not allow high level, full time instructors, who have competed professionally to drop to an amateur category at any time. However, those have never competed at the final of a professional, semi-professional or instructor competition and have not taught pole in any capacity in the last 2 years, will be considered. Please email us with your specific circumstances before entering.