Sponsors 2019

Here we have all our fabulous sponsors, without these guys we would have no prizes! So they are very important to us when running this event. If you would like to sponsor us then get in touch!

Bath Culture House. Fabulously fermented vegan artisan food & drink handmade and cultured in Somerset. Empowering people to nourish their digestive system by creating delicious live food and teaching fermentation skills.

www.bathculturehouse.com .

Fermented Clothing – Etsy store

Flying Amazons…After more than 10 years in the world of sports and aerial, we have tried out most clothing ranges out there and decided that we want to create our own luxury brand without compromising on fashion or comfort. We know that every woman can be strong and independent like an Amazon and no matter what may come your way, when you enter that studio or hit the gym, it is your time to shine.  At that moment, there is nothing else, but you and your fighting spirit.  We want to fuel that confidence and make you feel like you can conquer anything in life. Flying Amazons is sponsoring the ‘Best Costume’ award at BPC 2019 https://flyingamazons.com/

Live, Love, Bend founded by Charlotte Robertson, offers online flexibility and handstand training as well as merchandise from clothing to resistance bands! You can become a Live, Love, Bend member which gains you access to all tutorials. https://www.livelovebend.co.uk/

Nina is a photographer based in London, specialises in dance photography. Nina passion for dance photography is fueled by her training as a pole dancer herself. She loves working with natural light and would describe her style as light and airy.


Patricia The Tease is the Twerk queen! She is a licensed liquid motion dancer and loves teaching dancers at various workshops over the UK and at classes at Maya Dance and Fitness in Bristol. She is sponsoring the ‘Sexiest’ award at BPC 2019.!

Millie has a deep understanding and huge passion for the art form and knows exactly how to capture it’s true beauty. 
She is very honoured to have travelled worldwide with her pole photography and has taken photos of some of the best pole dancers in the world.  Millie always strives to provide a beautifully unique image. http://millierobson.com

Founded by Heidi Karina, Onyx Aerial & Fitness provides a variety of aerial expertise, pole fitness/dance and flexibility classes.


At Spin City, our courses are taught by the Spin City team of Instructors who come from a range of backgrounds, including fitness, dance, yoga and pilates. Our team has been chosen for their comprehensive skills as trainers, they have undergone extensive training through our own internal programme. They will be on hand to answer any questions and provide the information you need to become a successful Instructor. https://www.spincityinstructortraining.com/

Kassia Portas has been pole dancing since 2010 and instructing at Spin City Bristol since 2012. She has been trained to the highest level through the Spin City instructor training and now coaches instructors as well as amateur level students.  She is a Level 5 qualified Sports Massage Therapist and is currently in the 2nd year of a Sports Rehabilitation degree at UWE Bristol. https://www.poledancing-therapist.com/

Lola Polewear started when we could never find affordable pole wear that we liked. . So, with plenty of coffee, and the occasional cuss, Lola started making amazing, comfortable and eye catching outfits. By making everything reversible, it gives the opportunity to mix and match these pieces. Wearing her creations frequently to pole classes caused more and more interest, thus Lola Polewear was born! By giving you the freedom to choose the fabrics and combinations that you like, with the added bonus of a 100% reversible outfit, it puts you in control of your wardrobe. If you’re unsure of whether a combination would work, then let us know! We can send you a digital version of the fabrics together so you can decide if it works for you :)” https://www.facebook.com/lolapolewear/

Established in 2017 offering affordable pole wear and accessories. Designs are made to measure catering for all ages, sizes and styles.  Made in the UK https://www.facebook.com/SewSteff88/

Claire Louise Pole has a background in dance and drama and uses these theatrical skills to enhance her teaching. With a keen eye for technique she is known for creating and teaching routines perfect for any ability. She is sponsoring the ‘Best Performer’ award at BPC 2019 and is also one of our fabulous judges today!

We turn cakes into art….what’s your superpower?? I run my own business from a small commercial kitchen on Church Rd, Redfield, designing and making celebration and wedding cakes. Wherever possible I use locally sourced, quality, organic ingredients to bring you a freshly baked range of celebration cakes and treats for all diets. We are currently working on a range of vegan baked doughnuts and brownies using organic and unrefined coconut sugar and flour making them lower in carbs and gluten free too 🙂