“I have never seen any competition before where the competitors are so damn nice and supportive to one another. I not only saw this on stage and at the competition, I have also seen backstage photos from the event where the girls and guys are hugging each other after they have performed, with huge, genuine smiles across their faces, all so happy for their new found friends. It’s beyond refreshing to see a sport which both encourages and causes so much joy, love and appreciation for another person”


Eilish Foxen, 2017

“I adore filming this event, every year I’m wowed by the costumes, routines and creativity of the performers.”


Heather Bailey 2017

“One of the most friendly and supportive comps I’ve been a part of. Very professionally run and a brilliant vibe for both the competitors and the audience. Would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of competing. Kassia makes the whole process very smooth! “

Gem Heywood, 2017

“This was my first ever competition and it was so much fun! Everyone was super friendly backstage, it was just what I needed to calm my nerves. Communication before and during the comp was excellent and I would definitely recommend this competition to everyone but especially those who are just starting out on their competing journey like I was.”

Donna Morton, 2018